Friday, September 12, 2014

Circle Investigators: Unknown crop circle making energies present in Totnes crop formations

“Unknown crop circle-making energies are present in two of Totnes crop formations,” said Martyn Hicks and Abbie Dent of Plymouth UFO Research Group and Haunted Devon in their 21 pages investigative report on three different crop formations that have appeared inside a farmer’s field in West country, England. 

The report said that the formation that was first discovered in July 18 is no doubt, one that is man-made because of a messy and amateurish looking appearance. This man-made crop circle measured 25 feet in diameter, stomping boards and ropes found by the owner when he visited the area made it quite clear that it was without a doubt created by pranksters according to Abbie Dent in her assessment. But this is not the only conclusion that Plymouth UFO Research Group’s 21-page illustrated report is telling us. 

On July 28, 2014 another group of crop circles both measuring 15 feet in diameter were discovered near Darlington. According to the Plymouth UFO Research team assessment, the crop circles were estimated to have appeared just a few nights after a 25 foot crop formations appeared. The team studied the crops; the soil and plants inside and outside the formation using laboratory procedures and anomalies started to pop-up one by one. 

The crops do not display properties of mechanical bending like the pressing of wooden boards that were commonly seen in the man-made circles. The crops were pressed onto the ground with a different force. Abbie wrote that the third smaller circle turned out to be caused by an unknown kind of wind damage; stomping boards cannot possibly achieve the way of bending down crops the way the crops were bent in the recent crop circles. The team found the recent circles very genuine and anomalous, but they are not suggesting any conclusion that extraterrestrials made them. They are claiming that the recent formations are strange enough to be tested again and studied furthermore to understand better why the crops were formed in such oddly approach. 

There continues to be no scientific explanation of what generated these anomalous formations said Martyn Hicks. Theories like unknown plasma-vortex and radiation coming from unidentified sources in the sky are yet to be proven. We still do not know how to replicate these types of unknown crop circle making energies, but the team is eager to study, learn and understand these forces besides it is the purpose of Plymouth UFO Research Group and other research team dedicated to study crop circles. But even if these forces are determined, we will still be on the edge of knowing why these formations are created, what they mean and what their purpose is. Crop circles will pretty much remain a mystery to us.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UK crop circles 2014 - Latest from August

- Mixon near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire - 12th August 
- Gussage St Andrews near Sixpenny Handley, Dorset - 13th August
- Nettle Hill nea Ansty, Warwickshire - 16th August

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New formation was found in Wiltshire, UK

Green Street near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 8th August.

Crop circles August 2014: Germany and Sweden

Latest crop circle reports from Dornberg, Germany and Lund, Sweden. August 2014.

Monday, August 11, 2014

First Crop Circle of the Year Forms In Dorset Wheat Field

Dorset crop circle

Blandford Forum in Dorset is the place where the first crop circle of 2014 formed, leaving locals baffled as to who or what created such wonderful formation. The circle is a 400 feet pattern, covering a large stretch of the wheat field. It is made up of geometric circles and lines. 

While many think that the circles were made by local pranksters, some believe the formations are proof of the existence of space aliens. The 43-year-old amateur pilot Matthew William said that whatever or whoever made the crop circle must have been in the area all night. 

Averbury, Wiltshire resident Williams said that they did not get many circles last summer, but the most-recent one is good enough to make up for last year’s number. He added that the first circle of the season marks the beginning of great British summer. However, Williams does not believe on the paranormal reason of crop circles as he admitted that the created crop circles himself. In fact, he is the only man in Britain convicted for making crop circles in Marlborough, Wittshire. 

John Lundberg, who also admitted he already made a few crop circle designs, said that July is the best time for crop circles. He explained that crop is oil seed rape in April and barley in June and mid-July is wheat. He added that the best crop to work is in the middle of July as each stem is upright, allowing the maker to get pin sharp clarity.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

UK crop circles 2014

  1. Trodd's Copse, near Tichborne, Hampshire - 4th August
  2. Cow Down, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire - 5th August.