Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Main Types of Crop Circle Theories

Crop circles existence is a known fact, the question stays however as to who or what creates them.

Crop circles were not recognized before 1970, aside from the one reported known as the Tully, Australia Saucer Nest of 1966. Crop circles first came out in Great Britain in the 1970's, starting off with simple circular patterns and developing over time into large and complicated geometric formations. In 1991, 2 senior landscape artists named Doug Bower and Dave Chorley revealed that they had been creating crop circles in English grain farms since 1970's right after reading regarding the Tully, Australia Saucer Nest of 1966. The two shown how they performed it for a film crew and shared how they had developed the idea. It would appear that the Tully, Australia Saucer Nest of 1966 is the earliest documented crop circle, even though it is not what may be acknowledged presently as a usual crop circle.

These theories can generally sort out into 3 main types: Natural phenomena, extra-terrestrial and hoaxes.
Within the context of natural phenomena, even though these theories comprise lots of pseudo-scientific explanation, they all fail to clarify how natural forces could create such perfect geometric designs in such out of place patterns.

Extra-terrestrial? Some do not think so! Why would they perform it? For people who do not support the idea of extraterrestrial, it looks odd that after using incredible technology to go through interstellar space, that upon coming in Earth orbit they think about on the ideal method to connect with people and come up with the exceptional idea that flattening some corns of wheat to produce pretty photos in an area would be the perfect method.

Hoaxes? Looks a relatively good choice for some. It is known that some of the crop circle patterns seem a bit complicated; however there are also a few pretty smart individuals. According to people who support the hoaxes theory, to point out that most of these patterns are out of the potential of humanity is a bit of an insult to the brains of mankind. For what reason they would want to do it is another issue. Hoaxes theory supporter find it unusual, to say the least, that people decline to acknowledge that crop circles could be manmade because of their complexity but are pleased to accept that it could be the work of aliens. (c) 2011 


  1. Personally I think it comes down to the fundamental beliefs of individuals. If a person is happy or confined to the idea of a creator then alien influence would seem unlikely. If people have no belief in a creator and are open to ideas then deep thinking happens on a subconscious level to try and problem solve this incredible anomaly on our landscape. From what I have seen of the designs there seems a highly unlikely chance that hoaxers could have performed such precise and complicated work. The main factors here are the timing of the work which is mainly at night and the speed with which it is completed. I am sure that one day the truth will be known and the messages fully understood by everyone. Humanity is way older than classical historians have us believe and when this veil of secrecy is removed the truth will come with it.