Wednesday, May 2, 2012

History of Crop Circles and How They Go Mainstream

Many years ago, not many people knew about crop circles. Even in the 90s, only few people were interested with websites where crop circles creator share tips. As time passed by, crop circle phenomena started to go commercial.

Television stations and companies such as Hello Kitty and Shredded Wheat hired circle makers to make corporate logo and advertisement on crop circles. Not too long ago, Pringles release a commercial involving crop circle. The commercial was relaxing and fun in concept with no UFO burning a crop circle and only two persons, eating Pringles, doing the circle for fun. The commercial also showed the known crop circle tool, the board on ropes.

It seems that crop circles are not that mysterious than before. With so many crop circle makers, it looks that nothing is unexplained.

History of Crop Circle
The first known makers of crop circles were British Doug Bower and Dave Chorley in 1978. Bower was inspired by the rumor of an unidentified flying object rising from a swirled nest of marsh grass to make crop circles. He thought that by making a nest in a wheat field he can create a UFO hoax. With the help of Chorley, they indeed created a UFO fever by creating circles in the wheat field. Other artists followed their works and created more complex designs. Complicated designs are made easy with the advancement of technologies.

Crop Circle Damage
Crop circles artists dismissed the idea they are doing damage by creating crop circles. They argue that they are only bending plants and not killing them. This idea of bending the crops is the reason why some researchers believe that some crop circles are not made by humans but by aliens.

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